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Clearer Ears Wax Removal


A build-up of earwax can mean you are not hearing as well as you should be.

Our treatment is quick and painless.

What will it cost?

Depending on your requirements we have treatment options for either one or both ears. Home visits can also be arranged by request.


One ear – £32.50
including consultation

Both ears – £47.50
including consultation

Home Visit – £60
by request

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What we do

As part of your treatment, your clinician will take a brief medical history and answer any questions you may have.  

The clinician will examine your ears & decide on the most appropriate treatment.  An image will be taken of the ear canal before & after the treatment.

Why you shouldn't use cotton buds

Our ear wax removal clinics


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We provide ear impressions for bespoke ear products

and a range of ear products to buy directly from us.

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