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The world’s best custom-fit earphones tips and plugs

Snugs are made for your ears only. They’re comfortable, never fall out and come in a range of awesome colours.

Whether you’re a music lover, professional musician, runner, swimmer, pilot, yoga master, or even a sky diver, there’s a pair of Snugs perfect for you.


Soft silicone in-ear plugs perfect for sleeping, meditating or focussing a little better. Now available with our Bluetooth earphone for those that like to listen at bedtime

Quieten the outside world

Our hearing has no ‘off switch’ and sometimes all we need is a bit of extra quiet – to help focus on work, meditate, or get a better night’s sleep.

SnugsZen are made from a soft medical grade silicone and moulded to fit your ears perfectly. They’ve been designed so as to fit discreetly and not protrude from the ear, which allows you to comfortably sleep on your side while wearing them. SnugsZen+ are supplied with a Bluetooth earphone, enabling you to connect to your smartphone and listen to your sleep playlist on Spotify, or your book on Audible – whichever works best for you.

Custom Sleep Earplug

Ultimate’s custom earplugs for sleeping are super light earplugs designed to block noises such as snoring and traffic that you may encounter whilst sleeping. Ultra comfortable, soft and custom made. Just fit and forget for a good night’s sleep.

Side Sleeper Plug

Super light custom earplugs designed to block out noises, such as snoring, that you may encounter whilst sleeping. The Side Sleeper Plug is designed specifically for side sleepers by removing the concha portion of the earplug so that it predominantly sits in the ear canal, increasing comfortability for side sleepers. Simply fit and forget for a good night’s sleep.