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The world’s best custom-fit earphones tips and plugs

Snugs are made for your ears only. They’re comfortable, never fall out and come in a range of awesome colours.

Whether you’re a music lover, professional musician, runner, swimmer, pilot, yoga master, or even a sky diver, there’s a pair of Snugs perfect for you.


Waterproof earplugs designed for swimmers, surfers and all watersport lovers. New revolutionary ‘Filtered’ version offering greatly improved sound awareness now available

Essential ear protection for watersport lovers

Prevent swimmer’s or surfer’s ear or other in-ear infections with SnugsAqua Protect. Custom-fit creates the perfect in-ear seal for maximum waterproof protection; this limits the ear canal’s exposure to cold, chlorinated or contaminated water and reduces risk of infection. Available with (or without) an Awareness filter. Perfect for swimming, surfing, and all other water sports.

Watersport Plug

Custom ear plugs for all types of watersports. Designed to keep water out of your ears, greatly reducing the risk of Surfer’s Ear. Made from a floatable material, they also come with a fixed cord as standard to prevent you losing them.

Swimming Plug

Swimming Plug is a custom made earplug for swimmers, secure, easy to fit and remove, and ideal for users with grommets or inner ear problems.