Clearer Ears Bedford

Clearer Ears Bedford

Stables Therapy Centre
108 Milton Road 
MK41 6AS

Earwax Removal Clinic details

There is a large sign on Milton Road which is visible when driving past. There is a wide gravel driveway that leads to the ground floor centre.

All the treatment rooms are labelled and there is a sign for the waiting room on the far left of the building. Patients are asked to kindly take a seat in the waiting room until the practitioner comes to collect them.

Working at the clinic are:

Alice – Clinician

What will it cost?

Depending on your requirements we have treatment options for either one or both ears. Home visits can also be arranged by request.


One ear – £32.50
including consultation

Both ears – £47.50
including consultation

Home Visit – £60
by request

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