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The world’s best custom-fit earphones tips and plugs

Snugs are made for your ears only. They’re comfortable, never fall out and come in a range of awesome colours.

Whether you’re a music lover, professional musician, runner, swimmer, pilot, yoga master, or even a sky diver, there’s a pair of Snugs perfect for you.


Custom-fit yourself for a pair of earphone accessories like no other. SnugsGo tips offer a personalised fit, for all-day comfort & in-ear security. Whether you’re an audiobook addict or fitness fanatic, you’ll love them (and so will your ears).

Custom fit in minutes

SnugsGo tips are custom-fitted using A.I. by taking photos of each ear on our app. Once purchased, we’ll send you a fitting card and instructions.

Get your custom fit pack

After placing your order, we’ll post a pack with a fitting card and instructions

Take a photo of each ear

Using the app we’ll guide you through the photo process to complete your fitting

And you’re done

We’ll create your bespoke SnugsGo tips and ship them to you in 2-3 weeks.


Waterproof earplugs designed for swimmers, surfers and all watersport lovers. New revolutionary ‘Filtered’ version offering greatly improved sound awareness now available

Essential ear protection for watersport lovers

Prevent swimmer’s or surfer’s ear or other in-ear infections with SnugsAqua Protect. Custom-fit creates the perfect in-ear seal for maximum waterproof protection; this limits the ear canal’s exposure to cold, chlorinated or contaminated water and reduces risk of infection. Available with (or without) an Awareness filter. Perfect for swimming, surfing, and all other water sports.

SnugsMoto (Protect)

Hearing protection specially designed to fit comfortably under a helmet. Protect your hearing with supremely comfortable Custom-Fit Earplugs. They’re the choice of motorsports enthusiasts.

Protect your ears whilst you ride

SnugsMoto (Protect) are custom fit earplugs designed to protect your ears from wind and engine noise. Designed specifically for use under a motorcycle helmet, they remove damaging noise with the earplugs built-in filter turning down the volume to protect your hearing.

A flush design for maximum comfort, hear your surroundings or talk through your in-helmet mic whilst ensuring your ears are protected.


Created for serious music lovers that demand the best in noise isolation, sound quality and comfort. Includes professional-grade IEM custom-fit tips for musicians, singers, DJs and producers

Look like a Pro, listen like a Pro

Take your listening experience to the next level with SnugsPro. Designed to provide maximum noise isolation, SnugsPro tips opens up a new world of sound, perfect for Audiophiles and those wanting to reduce outside noise so it is just you and your music.

SnugsPro for your IEM’s allows for accurate onstage monitoring, ensuring they’re comfortable, secure and offer both high levels of passive noise cancellation and protection against loud external sounds.


Advanced custom-fit hearing protection earplugs with specialised filters.

Our music filter is designed for enjoying music without losing the acoustic quality of the experience. Loud music can damage your ears if exposed for long periods of time. If you love your ears as much as you love live music, then these are the filters for you.

Professional custom fitting

SnugsShield tips are custom-fitted using your physical ear impressions of each ear. To get this done, you need to visit an audiologist. It’s a quick, painless procedure where they inject a foam solution into your ear to make an exact mold. This ensures your Snugs fit perfectly. And you only need to do it once.

Please note: The audiologist will charge you separately for the impressions – this is not included in the price of your Snugs.


Soft silicone in-ear plugs perfect for sleeping, meditating or focussing a little better. Now available with our Bluetooth earphone for those that like to listen at bedtime

Quieten the outside world

Our hearing has no ‘off switch’ and sometimes all we need is a bit of extra quiet – to help focus on work, meditate, or get a better night’s sleep.

SnugsZen are made from a soft medical grade silicone and moulded to fit your ears perfectly. They’ve been designed so as to fit discreetly and not protrude from the ear, which allows you to comfortably sleep on your side while wearing them. SnugsZen+ are supplied with a Bluetooth earphone, enabling you to connect to your smartphone and listen to your sleep playlist on Spotify, or your book on Audible – whichever works best for you.

SnugsMoto (Music)

Specially designed to fit comfortably under a helmet, they’re the choice of motorsports enthusiasts.

Helmet on, Sound up

SnugsMoto is an extremely compact in-ear monitor with a low-profile construction sitting flat in the ear, ensuring all-day comfort under your motorcycle helmet and safety wear.

Included in your purchase are specialised earphones with a single-driver IEM that offers exception sound quality with crisp mid-tones, bright trebles and solid comfortable bass.